The LAV-DRX-2 is made of the best quality 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic. It has a larger handle with a more modern look. Its size is the global standard and will fit in any and all kitchen sinks. LaVal drains are all designed to fits sinks up to 1'' thick such as Porcelain, Fireclay, Stainless steel and Granite (aka Quartz). Installation can be done in minutes with only a screwdriver and some silicone. This drain is patented in most of the modern world as 9095239. Thank you for your interest and please enjoy your new drain by LaVal, we appreciate you.


Laval drains are designed for your kitchen sink. Our drains have been meticulously designed to be used on all material kitchen sinks including Stainless Steel, Fire clay, Porcelain, and Granite (aka Quartz). We achieved this by extending the threaded bolt that holds the top stainless basket into the body of the drain, by doing this your sink can be as thick as 1'', which none are.

Removing the cover and reinserting it is smooth and easy making it suitable for any application and ideal for all users. Parts for our LaVal drains are free for life, just pay shipping and handling.

How to use:

Installation is easy and installation instructions can be found on the back side of the package. You only need basic skills to install our drains and a screwdriver and silicone.

Once your drain is installed all you need to do to operate it is push it down to keep water in the sink and then push it down again to pop it up to drain the water out of your sink. To empty the basket simply pull the drain cover off and dispose of your waste and reinsert the drain cover in its original position. No special care is needed, just wash frequently and keep free of heavy grease build up.

Where to buy:

Our drains are available world wide by either contacting us or by purchasing them at or In order to cater to worldwide demand we currently stock our LaVal drains in the USA, Italy and China. We would like to invite dealers and distributors to join us in providing consumers the best most advanced and affordable drains in the market today.

To speak with our sales associates please don't hesitate to contact us at At LaVal our goal and ambition is to provide you with the most innovative products in the industry, thank you for your support.